Comprehensive Commodity Price Risk Management Solutions

CIH offers comprehensive commodity price risk management solutions to clients in Latin America and the Caribbean. Take control of your budgets and goals by adopting a hedging plan designed specifically for the needs of your company. Leverage technology, education and expert consulting to gain visibility of your prices. Our team of expert consultants can discuss, develop, execute and help you manage a custom hedging plan structured to match your business goals and needs.

Our Services

Since our inception in 1999 CIH has continued to evolve its services in the region and now we are proud to offer comprehensive risk management solutions leveraged on technology and proprietary tools. Click on the services above to learn more about our offerings.

Technology and Innovation is at the Core of our Offerings

CIH offers an unparalleled technology platform which facilitates and enhances the commodity price risk management process. Our tools are created and maintained in-house and are in a constant state of evolution to ensure that clients always have the best technology and processes available. Request a demo to understand how our tools can make a difference in your operation.



Our consulting service offers importers, processors and producers in the region a dynamic commodity price risk management process which give them visibility, control and more certainty on their prices.

We achieve this through a powerful combination of processes and tools of which our Commodity Price Management website stands out. These tools offer an innovative and practical way of controlling price risk by having more visibility on hedging alternatives, changes on positions caused by market volatility and modeling of eventual pricing scenarios.

We have an experienced team of consultants with vast experience in the commodity markets and advanced academic backgrounds. Our consultants understand the priorities and objectives of our clients and are trained to understand the intricacies of each company, the industry in which they operate and can demystify advanced and technical hedging tools to offer unique and tailored solutions.



We provide quality educational seminars designed to familiarize participants with market dynamics, hedging concepts and risk management applications. Tailored to specific industry groups, these programs allow attendees to become more comfortable either embarking on a hedging program for the first time or refine existing practices for even the most experienced risk manager with an established program in place.


Our Markets

We specialize in agricultural markets and through an expert understanding of each industry we customize our support to clients in the following industries:

  • Food Companies

  • Hogs

  • Cattle

  • Crop

  • Merchandisers

  • Poultry

  • Dairy

  • Wheat Mills

  • Egg

  • Aquaculture

  • Crushers

  • Edible Oils



Utilizing CIH’s affiliate brokerage service streamlines the execution of the risk management plan without friction. Simplify your risk management plan by leveraging our investment in technology to provide you with clear, concise snapshots of your risk and offsetting hedge positions.


What Our Clients Say About Us

In the videos below, you can hear directly from our clients about how CIH helps agriculture producers gain control over their commodity price risk.

Testimonials are not indicative of future success. Individuals providing testimonials were not compensated.

It’s made my risk management more efficient.

Greg Bell, President

Feedport USA

February 06, 2018

Having CIH gives me more confidence in executing.

Joe Dykhuis, President

Dykhuis Farms

April 11, 2023

The strategy helps me sleep better.

Ken Qualls, CFO

House of Raeford Farms

February 06, 2018

I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. It wouldn’t work.

Paul Mossner

New Horizons Pork

January 15, 2020

That’s one of the things I really appreciate about CIH, they’re not ...

Mike Paustian, Part 3

Paustian Enterprises

February 20, 2020

It's just a really streamlined experience for me.

Mike Paustian, Part 2

Paustian Enterprises

February 20, 2020

It shouldn't matter if markets go up or down the next day.

Mike Paustian, Part 1

Paustian Enterprises

February 20, 2020

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