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Commodity and Ingredient Hedging, LLC (CIH) provides a personalized price management education and consulting service that helps guide you in your overall market position in cash, futures, and options. We also help you manage those positions as the market changes.

Hog Margin Management

Strengthen your marketing plans in the face of unpredictable hog prices and feed costs.
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Beef Margin Management

Managing feed cost and cattle pricing in tandem provides greater control of your profit margin.
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Crop Margin Management

Progressive crop producers have many pricing alternatives. Leverage these alternatives to put in place the best contracting mix for your operation.
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Commodity Price Management

Combining objective resources and personal consultations to help manage your inventory and make better purchasing decisions.
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Dairy Margin Management

A dedicated resource for dairy producers to model and manage profit margins between milk prices and feed costs.
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Ethanol Margin Management

CIH helps ethanol operations get a comprehensive view of current margins while identifying opportunities to improve risk posture and protect profitability many months out.
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Each month you’ll receive a mid-month Margin Watch report. These are executive summaries of the projected forward profit margins (not markets) for the crop, pork, dairy and beef industries that we consult. At the end of each month you’ll receive a digital publication, Margin Manager which includes Margin Watch reports, articles, answers to your questions, interviews with industry associates and more. Stay informed of current margins and better understand the margin approach. Subscribing is quick and easy. Just enter your information below.

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