Grains and Oilseeds Risk Management

CIH helps grain and oilseed operations take control of their bottom line in an uncertain market environments. The Grain and Oilseeds Risk Management team works closely with clients through weekly calls to review markets, positions, and any needed adjustments to strategy. Operations have access to an objective, data based website tool customized to their business to help them effectively execute their plan.


Every crop operation is unique, and we believe your risk management plan should be as well. Our team is focused on helping farmers identify and protect forward profit margins while adding value by leveraging volatile markets. Each client is provided with an innovative website tool grounded in objective data-driven analysis and tools. The website is customized to each producer’s operation and acts as a one stop shop for their price risk management program. Our team of consultants work one-on-one with clients in regularly scheduled weekly meetings to help navigate the process and add a valuable risk management resource to your operation. 



Today’s grain elevators and cooperatives face a more complex marketplace than ever before. Our origination team is focused on creating value for grain managers, merchandisers, and originators by helping them multiply their time, generate new origination opportunities and executing their spread risk management. CIH’s innovative tools are designed to shortcut the time required for our clients to find all the fundamental and customized data they need to evaluate and communicate strategic opportunities. Our team of consultants work one-on-one with clients in regularly scheduled weekly meetings to help navigate the grain buying process and add a valuable contract and spread management resource to your operation.



Improve your workflow efficiency & reduce third-party subscription costs with GrainOS, a business solutions platform. Engage growers with real-time access and empower them with access to reporting & profitability analytics.





Commercial Grains

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  • CIH empowers clients to achieve their long-term pricing objectives with personalized guidance, powerful decision-making tools and ongoing education based on an objective and proactive approach.

  • We offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of all kinds of organizational structures.

  • Our clients have access to a customized risk management website that integrates market data and robust charting capabilities with a detailed model of your operation. The result is a suite of tools that provide unparalleled visibility into your exposure and coverage.

  • We provide the structure and education to implement a consistent, disciplined approach to managing profitability in the long term.

  • Utilizing CIH’s affiliate brokerage service and trade desk streamlines the execution of the risk management plan with no friction. Simplify your risk management plan by leveraging our investment in technology to provide you with clear, concise snapshots of your risk and offsetting hedge positions.


What Our Clients Say About Us

In the videos below, you can hear directly from our clients about how CIH helps agriculture producers gain control over their commodity price risk.

Testimonials are not indicative of future success. Individuals providing testimonials were not compensated.

It’s made my risk management more efficient.

Greg Bell, President

Feedport USA

February 06, 2018

Having CIH gives me more confidence in executing.

Joe Dykhuis, President

Dykhuis Farms

April 11, 2023

The strategy helps me sleep better.

Ken Qualls, CFO

House of Raeford Farms

February 06, 2018

I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. It wouldn’t work.

Paul Mossner

New Horizons Pork

January 15, 2020

That’s one of the things I really appreciate about CIH, they’re not ...

Mike Paustian, Part 3

Paustian Enterprises

February 20, 2020

It's just a really streamlined experience for me.

Mike Paustian, Part 2

Paustian Enterprises

February 20, 2020

It shouldn't matter if markets go up or down the next day.

Mike Paustian, Part 1

Paustian Enterprises

February 20, 2020

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