Metals Price Management Service

A Reliable and Systematic Framework for Making Sound Pricing Decisions

CIH empowers clients to achieve their long-term pricing objectives with personalized guidance, powerful decision-making tools and ongoing education based on an objective and proactive approach; not solely examining macro factors that often have inconsistent implications on price.

  • Identify and evaluate your commodity price risk exposure
  • Help offset the uncertainty of geopolitical factors
  • Maintain consistent pricing for your operation, as well as your customers’

Robust Tools and Innovative Technology Give You a Competitive Advantage

Our clients have access to a customized risk management website that integrates market data and robust charting capabilities with a detailed model of your operation.

  • Assist with proactive inventory management to maintain consistency and uniformity amongst teams within the organization
  • The ability to help with price projections, budgeting and objective data analysis
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and utilize a transparent and centralized location for tracking and reporting positions

Experience the Benefits of Personalized Guidance from a Dedicated Team

We provide the structure and education to implement a consistent, disciplined approach to managing profitability in the long term.

  • Your consultant provides thorough, consistent guidance designed to filter out the noise, digest what’s pertinent and reviews the appropriate alternatives
  • Create more organization and control around your positions and codify your risk management protocol

As a client, you also have access to CIH’s formalized education offerings, which allow you to deepen your understanding of risk management concepts from fundamentals to highly sophisticated strategies.

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