Crop Margin Management Service

A Team-Oriented Approach Based on Objective Analysis

The Crop Margin Management Service team work closely with clients looking to take full advantage of the opportunities the markets offer. CIH works in a team-oriented environment, collectively serving the needs of each client’s unique profile. Each consultant is part of a team that exchanges ideas, develops strategies and analyzes the news and events most likely to impact markets. All CIH consultants work one-on-one with clients in regularly scheduled weekly meetings.

Leveraging Unbiased Tools to Help Producers

We focus on helping crop producers identify forward profit margins up to 18 months out, while proactively managing commodity price risk throughout multiple crop years.

CIH leverages unbiased tools and expertise to help producers develop strategies for:

  • When and how to establish a forward strategy
  • Adjust positions as grain market moves
  • creating “what-if” scenarios for evaluating adjustments in pricing, basis, etc.
  • CIH helps crop producers get a comprehensive view of current margins while identifying opportunities to improve risk posture and protect profitability several quarters out. The approach is tailored to your actual operations, cost structure, inventories, contracting, physical deliveries, etc., which allows us to develop a focused plan to target favorable margins regardless of what happens in the marketplace. Our clients have standing one-hour calls every week where we review markets, positions, and any needed adjustments to strategy.

    All CIH clients have unlimited access to an easy-to-use, secure website that showcases an updated, accurate picture of your forward margins and a customized model of your operation’s actual costs & revenues that is invaluable for quickly evaluating buy & sell decisions.

    To explore how CIH can help you make better marketing decisions, call us now at 1.866.299.9333 to arrange a demo.

    Reduce price risk. Protect profit margins. Take control of your bottom line.

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CIH and Margin Management

Establishing a solid margin management program is a critical component of your overall buying or selling function. We work directly with clients to assess and reduce price risk through a unique and effective process. We provide the technical expertise and service to get the job done including:

  • step-by-step plan to set up a margin management program
  • evaluation of forward margins to objectively identify opportunities
  • analysis of your market exposure of physical, futures, and options combined to ensure the right coverage.
  • powerful risk analysis software used to model strategies.
  • monitor & evaluate position performance.
  • skill at incorporating options into physical and futures positions.
  • insightful market review and analysis.
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