We actively monitor margins to help you identify opportunities to protect profits.…

A 30-minute phone call can simplify your margin management for years.

Three Things Dairymen Must Know
to Control Their Bottom Line

Since 1999, CIH has been helping producers effectively manage their profit margins. Three fundamental things (think of these fundamentals the way football coaches think of blocking and tackling) that dairymen must know are:

  1. You need to be able to IDENTIFY YOUR PROFIT MARGINS. This is obvious once you have bought your feed, but what about further out, before you have made that commitment? At CIH, we bring discipline to the process by meeting with each client, every week, at the same time, to discuss profit margins. We use a combination of proprietary models, education and expert analysis to help you identify your margins.
  2. You need to know HOW YOUR PROFIT MARGINS FLUCTUATE with corn, soybean meal and milk prices. With the countless things you do to manage your dairy, you may not have time to monitor the markets and the news that affects your business. That is what our Dairy Margin Management Team does. We activley monitor margins to help you identify opportunities to protect profits.
  3. You need to know HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OPPORTUNITIES as they arise. We work closely with our dairymen to explore all the tools and strategies available so that when opportunites arise, you can take full advantage of them. This is what we mean by taking control of your bottom line.
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About CIH

Through a unique combination of educational seminars, software and team-oriented consultation, Commodity & Ingredient Hedging, LLC offers producers the critical information, tools and skills needed to make better decisions. Widely recognized as a leader in margin management services, experts from CIH are regularly called upon to speak at conventions, corporate functions, and as expert advisors for agriculture-related media. Its mission, since inception in 1999, is to help clients make better decisions and grow steadily over the long term.

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